J. H. Stape, Ed. The New Cambridge Companion to Joseph Conrad. Cambridge University Press, 2015.

"The New Cambridge Companion to Joseph Conrad provides guidance to varied developments in the field of Conrad studies since the publication of The Cambridge Companion to Joseph Conrad (1996). The volume's thirteen chapters offer diverse perspectives on emergent  areas of interest, including canon formation, postcolonialism, gender,  critical reception and adaptation. Likewise, chapters on Conrad's  autobiographical writings, Heart of Darkness and "The Secret  Sharer," consider recent trends in both literary and cultural studies. A chronology and an updated guide to further reading serve to provide  essential orientation to a large and complex field. This volume is the  ideal starting point for students new to Conrad's work as well as for  scholars wishing to keep abreast of current issues. Essays by a major  and emergent Conrad scholars are meant to offer authoritative insights  into a complex and ever-evolving field."

J. H. Stape and John G. Peters, Eds. Conrad's The Duel: Sources/Text. Rodopi, 2015.

Since the publication of Joseph Conrad's "Author’s Note" (1920) to A Set of Six (1908), readers have been aware that the plot for the Napolonic tale  "The Duel" derived from an existing account. What has been unknown till  now is the large number of venues in which that account variously  appeared. This volume traces the tale's fascinating genealogy and the  immediate contemporary source that inspired Conrad's 1907 story. A  transcription of the story's typescript-manuscript sheds light on the  story's development. Conrad’s "The Duel": Sources/Text will interest several readerships. Scholars engaged in historical and  textual research can explore how Conrad drew upon, reworked, and  transformed the story's sources. It is hoped that the relationships  between the tale's initial draft and final form will interest scholars  of genetic questions, and teachers of short fiction and of creative  writing will find this an invaluable volume for exploring how source  materials alter during the creative process.