The Ian P. Watt Prize for Excellence in Conrad Scholarship for 2015 is awarded to J. Hillis Miller for his many contributions to the study of Joseph Conrad's work, ranging from his seminal readings of "Heart of Darkness" and Lord Jim in Poets of Reality (Harvard, 1965) and Fiction and Repetition (1981) to his recent work on Nostromo in Communities of Fiction (Fordham, 2014). A collected volume of his essays on Conrad is currently being co-edited by Jakob Lothe and John G. Peters.

The Bruce Harkness Young Scholar Award for 2016 was awarded to Jennifer Janechek, a doctoral student at the University of Iowa, who was presented with the 2016 Bruce Harkness Young Scholar Award for her essay "The Horror of the Primal Sound:  Proto-telephony and Imperialism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness," which is forthcoming in The Conradian. Honorable mention was awarded to Jarica Watts, assistant professor of English at Brigham Young University, for her excellent essay "'What Could His Object Be?:  Form and Materiality in Conrad's 'The Tale,'" which is forthcoming in the collection Conrad and Nature, edited by John Peters, Jeffrey McCarthy, and Lissa Schneider-Rebozo and scheduled for publication by Routledge.

The Joseph Conrad Society of America presents an annual Bruce Harkness Young Conrad  Scholar Award, named in honor of Bruce Harkness, Conrad scholar and former president of the society. The award is presented to an outstanding  graduate student who is writing a dissertation on Conrad or to a  recent  Ph.D. who has been teaching for no more than five years and is doing  research on Conrad.  The award consists of a $100 honorarium, one  year's membership in the Joseph Conrad Society of America, and a  complimentary invitation to the annual Conrad Society dinner held  during  the Modern Language Association convention.

To be considered for the 2017 award, please send a sample  of scholarly writing (not to exceed 9,000 words) and a CV to Paul Armstrong, President, The Joseph Conrad Society of America, at:  by October 31, 2017.  The award will be presented at the annual Conrad Society dinner to be held during the Modern Language Association  Convention.


Past Winners:

Tom Henthorne, 1995
Rebecca Carpenter, 1996
No award given out, 1997
Celia Kingsbury, 1998
John G. Peters, 1998
Peter Lancelot Mallios, 1999
Stephen Donovan, 2000
Kevin Bell, 2001
Mark Chilton, 2002
Stephen Ross, 2002
Rebecca Walkowitz, 2003
Katherine Baxter, 2004
Scott Allen Cohen, 2004
Joanna Kurowska, 2004
Cristina Mathews, 2004
Yael Levin, 2005
Deaglan O Donghaile, 2006
Mark Larabee, 2006
Lissa Schneider,  2007
Agata Szczeszak-Brewer,  2008
Maurice  Ebilenni, 2009
Nidesh Lawtoo, 2009
Alexia Hannis, 2010
John Attridge, 2010
Andrew Martin Purssell, 2011
Julie Napolin, 2012
Jessie Oak Taylor, 2012
Michaela Bronstein 2012 (Honorable Mention)
Johan Adam Warodell, 2013
Mark S. Bennett, 2014
Jennifer Janechek 2016

The Ian P. Watt Prize for Excellence in Conrad Scholarship

The Joseph Conrad Society of America presents the bi-annual Ian P. Watt Prize for Excellence in Conrad Scholarship to a distinguished Conrad scholar.  The award is named in recognition of Ian P. Watt, a distinguished scholar in Conrad studies.   The award comes with a $250 prize and a lifetime  membership in the Joseph Conrad Society of America. The Ian P. Watt  Prize was originally made possible through the generosity of the late Mrs. Ruth Watt.

Past Winners:
Zdzislaw Najder, 2001
Thomas Moser, 2002
Cedric Watts, 2003
Sylvere Monod, 2004
Laurence Davies, 2005
Norman Sherry, 2007
Jeremy  Hawthorn, 2009
Keith Carabine, 2011
Daphna Erdnast-Vulcan, 2013
J Hillis Miller, 2015


The Adam Gillon Book Award in Conrad Studies

The Adam Gillon Book Award in Conrad Studies is named in recognition of the founder of the Joseph Conrad Society of America and long-time president of the society.   Eligible works must be published book-length critical or biographical studies written in English (or predominantly in English) or translated into English and must be predominantly about the life and/or works of Joseph Conrad. In addition to single-author works, book-length collections of essays in Conrad studies and significantly-revised editions of earlier critical or biographical works in Conrad studies are eligible.  Reprints of earlier critical or biographical works in Conrad studies (unless significantly revised) and editions of Conrad's writings are not eligible.  The award consists of a $200 honorarium.  The next cycle of the award will consider works published from 2015 through 2017.  The winner will be notified in late November or early December 2018, and the prize will be conveyed at the Joseph Conrad Society of America's annual business meeting at the Modern Language Association's convention in January 2019.  Publishers and authors/editors are welcome to nominate  books for this award.  For more information on submission, please contact the John Peters, the editor of Conradiana, at

Winners for 2005 Award:
1st Place: Michael Greaney. Conrad, Language, and Narrative. Cambridge U. P., 2002.
2nd Place: John G. Peters. Conrad and Impressionism. Cambridge  U. P., 2001.
3rd Place: David Adams. Colonial Odysseys. Cornell U. P., 2003.

Winners for 2009 Award:
1st Place: Stephen Donovan. Joseph Conrad and Popular Culture.  Palgrave, 2005.
2nd place: Anthony Fothergill. Secret Sharers. Peter Lang, 2006.
3rd place: Jeremy Hawthorn. Sexuality and the Erotic in the Fiction of  Joseph Conrad. Continuum, 2007.

Winners for the 2013 Award:
1st Place: Michael DiSanto, Under Conrad’s Eyes. McGill-Queens University Press, 2009
1st Place: Peter Lancelot Mallios. Our Conrad. Stanford University Press, 2010
1st Place: Richard Niland. Conrad and History. Oxford University Press, 2010

Winners for the 2015 Award:
1st Place:  Robert Hampson. Conrad’s Secrets. Palgrave, 2012.
2nd Place:  Wiesław Krajka, editor.  From Szlachta Culture to the 21st Century, Between East and West: New Essays on Joseph Conrad. East European Monographs, 2013.
3rd Place:  John G. Peters.  Joseph Conrad’s Critical Reception. Cambridge University Press, 2013.

Young Scholars Travel Awards

The Joseph Conrad Society of America  offers small grants to young scholars to offset the cost of attending a  conference to present a paper on Conrad. Applicants may apply during the  academic year (September-June) to Brian Richardson, President, The  Joseph Conrad Society of America, Department of English, University of  Maryland, College Park, College Park, MD 20742 USA . All applicants should submit the following: a letter itemizing travel expenses for the entire trip and indicating financial need (preference will be given to graduate students and adjunct faculty members), evidence of having a paper accepted for presentation at an upcoming conference (a photocopy of either a letter of acceptance or of the appropriate page in a conference program). Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible, since funds are limited and will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

Juliet McLauchlan Prize

An annual prize is awarded by the Joseph Conrad Society (U.K.) for an essay on any aspect of the works and/or life of Joseph Conrad. The prize is dedicated to the memory of Juliet McLauchlan, a much loved Conradian and former Chair of the Society, by encouraging writing from new Conradians. The value of the prize is 200 pounds sterling. The essay competition is designed to foster work by new Conradians and emergent scholars, including undergraduates, postgraduates and independent scholars of any age, subject to the proviso that entrants should not have held a full-time academic appointment for more than three years. Essays must be original and not previously published, between 5000 and 7000 words in length, in English. and typed double-spaced. The competition is now open  and the final date for acceptance of entries is 15th May 2013. The essays will be judged by a panel of Joseph Conrad Society committee members and the winning entry will be announced at the Society's Annual International Conference in July. Winning and commended essays will be favourably considered for publication in The Conradian. Entries, accompanied by a brief c.v. and current address, should be sent to: The Secretary, Joseph Conrad Society (U.K.), c/o P.O.S.K., 238-246 King Street, London W6 ORF, England. Should you wish your essay to be returned, please send a S.A.E. with your entry.

Joseph Conrad Society (UK) Study Grants and Travel Bursaries

The Joseph Conrad Society (UK) invites applications for financial support, up to an annually determined maximum, for attending Conrad conferences, or undertaking research or pursuing a special interest, in the UK or abroad, in relation to the works of Joseph Conrad. The grants budget is limited and other sources must have been approached in the first instance. A statement of expenses, with receipts, is required. All sums in sterling. For more information on applying for funds, click on the following link:

Gail Fraser Memorial Conference Travel Grant

In remembrance of Gail Fraser (1939-2011),  Bruce Fraser has provided funds for a young scholar either in the final  stages of doctoral studies or within three years of obtaining the doctorate  to defray costs of attending the Society's annual conference. Applicants  must be members of the Joseph Conrad Society (UK) at the time of  application. There is no restriction as to whether they hold a full or  part-time position, or whether other support is available. The annual grant  is 300, which will be given to one individual or shared, as determined by  the awards committee. Those wishing to apply for this award will find  details at:  The deadline for the receipt of  submissions is 15 May 2014.