Jean M. Szczypien, “Sailing Towards Poland”with Joseph Conrad, Peter Lang Publishing 2017.

“This book is a striking--and strikingly necessary--contribution to the rich  and enormously consequential tradition of considering Conrad in light of the literature, culture, history, and politics of his native Poland. Expanding our sense of Conrad’s echoes and interactions with Polish  literary history to degrees hitherto unappreciated, Jean M. Szczypien  advances a suggestive case for an entire symbolic register through which Conrad’s fiction is in consistent dialogue with  Polish literary precedent, and in the process challenges our  understandings of a significant number of Conrad’s texts. Readers  interested in Conrad’s Polish moorings will find themselves irresistibly engaged by this text--and readers not yet interested in such ‘Polish’  questions will find themselves challenged and compelled to  change their minds by the significance of the subject and the gravity,  eloquence, and provocative elasticity of its treatment here. Definitely an important contribution to current global  and internationalist interests in Conrad generally.”

Peter Lancelot Mallios, University of Maryland